The Peacock at Rowsley

Visit Historic Rowsley

Visit Historic Rowsley

The village of Rowsley is perfectly placed for an exploration of the Peak District. Historically belonging to the Haddon Estate, the village passed through the Vernon and Manners families until most of the properties were sold in the 1900s.

A Walk Through History

Derbyshire historian Roy Christian has described Rowsley as “an attractive village of an unusually warm shade of gritstone”, making even a stroll through the historic Rowsley an experience. The oldest buildings can be found west of the river, in what was known as Greater Rowsley. These properties date from the 17th and early 18th century, of which the most prominent is The Peacock. Rowsley is situated by the confluence of the rivers Derwent and Wye, and has always been a popular place for fishing in the Peak District. Rowsley Bridge is the town’s oldest structure – dating back to the 15th century when it was constructed as a packhorse bridge. Visitors can rest assured that it has been both strengthened and widened since! Besides Haddon Hall and The Peacock, Rowsley is also historically known for Caudwell’s Mill. The Haddon Estate still owns Caudwell’s, a mill built by John Caudwell in 1874 on a river island where mills had stood since the 16th century. The flour mill was operated by the family for 104 years and still stands as one of about a hundred mills left in the UK.

Visit Rowsley

To explore Rowsley and neighbouring attractions like Haddon Hall and Chatsworth House, The Peacock’s 15 unique bedrooms and locally renowned restaurant await you. > stay at The Peacock > dine at The Peacock

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