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The Peacock vegetable garden has been adding flavour to many dishes in The Peacock kitchen. So far we have harvested beetroot, broad beans, borage flowers, rhubarb, kohlrabi, courgettes, potatoes, curly kale, radish, strawberries, turnips, carrots, horseradish, swede, bronze fennel, leeks, and various herbs (to name a selection)! The red flowers - nasturtium - are used as a garnish and the seeds are pickled. Every part of what we grow is put to good use. If you have dined at The Peacock this year you will have enjoyed the fruits of our labour. If you have not yet dined with us, just take a look at what our Summer menus have to offer. Seasonal, home grown and delicious. > dine at The Peacock

A special fish dish of pollock, mashed potatoes, broad beans, grilled leek, nasturtiums, parsley and brandade sauce. The potatoes, leeks, nasturtium, parsley and broad beans all came from our garden. pollock

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