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Five things you didn’t know about the Peak District

Five things you didn’t know about the Peak District

1) It has 2,900 listed buildings.

If the beautiful natural surroundings do not make the Peaks well worth a visit alone, maybe one of the many listed buildings will? You will find everything from the medieval Haddon Hall to farm-buildings from centuries past.

2) There are no peaks.

The name Peak District does not allude to any mountain top – in fact, there are none at all. The Peak District apparently got its name from the Anglo-Saxon tribe Pecsaetan, believed to have settled in the area.

3) You can find carcasses and car wrecks.

If you travel to Buxton you must visit the gorgeously blue Blue Lagoon – a toxic soup filled with trash, cars and carcasses! The locals went to drastic measures when warning signs didn’t help and attempted to dye the lagoon black. It lasted for a while, but the water is once again a stunning shade of blue. Just don’t go for a swim… Blue Lagoon

4) If you took the London Eye with you…

…you could still fit it inside the tallest cave in the Peak District. The area is well known for its many caves, and this particular cave holds the largest known shaft of any cave in the British Isles. Titan Shaft in Castleton is 141.5 metres tall.

5) 7 cultural works were inspired by or filmed in the Peaks

If you are a Jane Austen fan, you might know that Chatsworth House is Keira Knightley’s Pemberley. Did you also know that it is believed Austen herself was inspired by Chatsworth when she wrote the novel? Charlotte Bronte was inspired by North Lees Hall when writing Jane Eyre, and works such as Moll Flanders, Henry VIII, Elizabeth and The Other Boleyn Girl have been written or filmed in the Peak District. cultural works were inspired by or filmed in the Peaks

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