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‘Fire’ at Haddon Hall

‘Fire’ at Haddon Hall

Following on from the summer exhibition of ‘Flowers’, Haddon Hall autumn exhibition – ‘Fire’ – is now open.

‘Fire’ will run until 31st October and will take visitors to Haddon on another journey through time, exploring the role of fire in the development and creation of the hall over its nine hundred year history. The exhibition brings to light many of the marks of the past including the scorch marks left by the pricket candles on the walls of the Tudor kitchens or the creativity inspired by fire in the hall’s elaborate Medieval firedogs. The treacherous, darker side of fire is also presented, by the ‘Burnt Tapestries of Haddon’. During the middle ages, the Vernon and Manners families assembled one of the greatest collections of 15th-17th Century tapestries in the country, but tragically during the restoration of the hall in the 1920s, a fire broke out in the stable block where they were been stored and 67 were destroyed. Fragments of these medieval wonders – still beautiful, and unseen for nearly a hundred years – shall be on display in a newly opened archive room positioned in the lower courtyard. An old tapestry featuring Vulcan and Neptune ‘Fire’ is the concept of Lady Edward Manners, who has been working with regional academics on the subject to create the new exhibition. A leaflet, which shall guide visitors through the exhibition within the hall, will also be available. “Every room throughout this incredible hall has reference to fire,” explains Lady Edward. “From the ritual and ecclesiastical use of candles in the chapel to the huge, roaring fires which were at the hub of the household in the Banqueting Hall. We see the importance of fire bringing light and life to Haddon as it developed through the ages. The fragments of the once magnificent tapestries which were destroyed are a poignant reminder of the impact of the burning flame, but are still so beautiful that we believe they will be intriguing for people to see today.” The exhibition discusses the luxury of fire with a focus on fuel and its various elements, as well looking in to the daily routine around fire, including the chimney sweeps who cleaned the great hearths in the past and still do in the present day. Just a few miles from Haddon Hall, and part of the Haddon Estate, The Peacock is ideally situated for guests wishing to visit the Peak District and the exhibition at Haddon Hall. Guests at The Peacock also receive discounted entry to the Hall. We look forward to welcoming you. > read more about ‘Fire’ at Haddon Hall > dine at The Peacock > stay at The Peacock ____ Notes: The image shows the damaged remains of the 17th century tapestry “Neptune and Vulcan Sick” and formed one of a series of six important pieces – History of Vulcan and Venus – dated 1670, which were all damaged by the 1920s fire. © Haddon Hall

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